Know Before You Go



 Hygiene is a MUST. If possible wash your bikini area shortly before you appointment. There are personal wipes available if required.   Avoid waxing:

  • during the three days prior to and the first three days of their period; the skin is more sensitive at this time.
  • If you have sunburn, rashes, wounds, or open skin. 
  • Have had acne treatment in the past 2 months.   

The ideal length of hair to wax is approximately half cm. If you shaved the bikini area it is necessary to wait between 2-3 weeks before coming to get waxed, otherwise we cannot guarantee a smooth result. If your hair is much longer than 2 cm. we recommend you trim it before coming in. Expect a little irritation, especially around the face where the skin is more sensitive (we recommend Neosporin,  A+D  or Cortisone to relieve the irritation). If you get waxed regularly, your skin will become accustomed and you should not have the irritation. Also please DO NOT apply any lotions or oils on the area that will be waxed.   




A true Brazilian Bikini Wax removes the hair from the pubic line, over the labia and through to the back area. Some people feel uncomfortable with having the anus waxed, so we will ask you before doing it so. To begin we will fix your underwear (to protect your clitoris), then we will dust the area with powder, and wax is applied little at a time. The wax used for this procedure is Beeswax without strips, meaning it’s applied to the hair to be removed, it “shrink-wrap” around the hairs, and is pulled off after it dries. Relaxing is important as it causes less pain and helps to remove hair root easier.




  • Avoid sun exposure, deodorant, hot showers, chlorinated pools, solarium, spa’s and sauna for 24 hours.
  • Use an exfoliating glove or a scrub after the first week to minimize ingrown hairs.
  • Avoid tight garments after waxing.
  • Apply anti-histamine cream if necessary.

After your wax the results can last 3 to 6 weeks depending on your personal hair growth rate. Warmer weather tends to encourage faster hair growth rates. In most cases, you will see minimal re-growth during the first 2 weeks, with a noticeable increase thereafter. Some areas may grow quicker than other; continued waxing encourages slower, sparse hair re-growth. And the more frequent you wax, the less painful it becomes. 

What to wear?


 It is necessary to keep your underwear on to better protect you and to make you more comfortable.We provide disposable underwear for a cost of $1. We recommend that you wear some old and comfortable pair of cotton panties, thongs are acceptable. No boy shorts or extremely tight underwear.   

Frequently Asked Questions