About Us

Fun Fact !

 Mister and Lady Bee Waxing Salon was originally just Lady Bee. Although our salon exists for over 10 years, only in 2015 we decided to give the guys a chance.  

Family Owned

 Because we operate as a family owned salon, we prioritize quality over quantity. We want to be sure our clients leave our salon happy and satisfied. So your appointment time is yours. We rarely run late, and will always do our best to accommodate all your needs.  

Brazilian Bikini Wax

 Brazilian Bikini Wax have been very popular since the 90's. Brazilian waxing was introduced to New York in 1987 by a group of Brazilian-born sisters, who gave it its name. These Brazilian women were not however the first that removed their pubic hair. Women have been removing their pubic hair for thousands of years and the trend started in ancient Egypt ! Women in the Middle East have also used Brazilian waxing since ancient times and the look usually was achieved Just before their wedding for the purpose of displaying purity.