Frequently Asked Questions


Should I be embarrassed?

NO! Keep in mind, you are with a professional and they are not checking you out. No one is judging you. You aren’t the hairiest person they’ve ever seen. The whole experience is rather clinical. A trained, licensed esthetician wearing gloves will quickly and professionally remove unwanted hair. 

Will it hurt?

 The million dollar question. Everyone have different types of hair, skin and pain tolerance. You should expect to experience some discomfort, to many that momentary discomfort is so worth it. Hello soft, smooth skin. Goodbye razor burn, ingrown hairs and of course, that lovely post shave itching. However, previous shaving history, menstrual cycle, and medication can also influence your sensitivity level. The classic beauty rule “no pain, no gain” has officially moved down south to the nether –regions of the body, compliments of Brazilian waxing.  

Why should I get a Brazilian Bikini Wax?

 It allows women to comfortably wear revealing swimwear and lingerie; it has an air of excitement about it. To men and women it removes pubic hair as a bacteria and smell source. You will also be clean from 3 to 4 weeks, no more hassle in shaving, and your skin will be nice and smooth.  

Can I get waxed if I'm pregnant?

 Yes, however, in certain cases it is safer to get your doctor’s permission. Pregnancy will leave you more sensitive during and after your wax. It is also more convenient for us to do it for you, than for you to do it yourself. 

Why do I get ingrown hair?

 Ingrown hair can be caused by numerous reasons such as wearing tight clothing, not exfoliating regularly and pores being infected with bacteria. They can be avoided by regular exfoliation, antiseptic washes and the use of lotions such as PFB Vanish which have active ingredients that helps prevent ingrown hairs.  

What is ingrown hair?

 A strand of hair is an outgrowth of dead cells and the protein keratin that grown-up from the hair follicle. Each hair shaft grows about ¼ inch per month, depending on what stage of growth active or resting the hairs is in. Genetics determine how maybe hair follicles we have since no new follicles are formed after birth. Ingrown hair and annoying consequence of shaving and waxing when there’s a build of dead, dry skin resulting in pore blockage, when a hair curls in the skin and grows in the wrong direction, resulting in a red, irritated bump that can become infected. Though relaxing the muscles during shaving and waxing is said to help prevent ingrown hairs they can still happen. To help avoid ingrown hairs, start to apply exfoliating scrub during a daily shower after 24 hours waxing. You will get less in- growths and your hair will grow back with ease. Also, try going for a steam baths regularly, scrub then gently with sponge. Continue waxing regularly. Your hair growth will diminish.