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Brazilian Bikini Wax


Brazilian Bikini Wax have been very popular since the 90's. Brazilian waxing was introduced to New York in 1987 by a group of Brazilian-born sisters, who gave it its name. These Brazilian women were not however the first that removed their pubic hair. Women have been removing their pubic hair for thousands of years and the trend started in ancient Egypt ! Women in the Middle East have also used Brazilian waxing since ancient times and the look usually was achieved Just before their wedding for the purpose of displaying purity.
The Process of waxing derives from Middle Eastern hygiene rituals, originating in Arab, Turkish, Persian and Albanian cultures. Although waxing in these regions has existed for centuries, waxing the complete genital areas was developed mostly in predominantly Western cultures. Brazilian waxing has become one of the most popular grooming options in the country. Many women report felling cleaner, sexier and more erotically confident after they are waxed.
One can only say "Viva Brazilian Bikini Wax"


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